Now you have graduated, so what?

Soft degree graduate, technology needs you!

Yep, initially you won’t get paid as well as the CS types, but then you can get the jobs that do pay well. CS degrees often miss out on domain knowledge, which you have in abundance.

What if you have a “hard” degree?

If you did a degree in Computer Science or Engineering, I assume that you have a job that pays well and you can get excited about.  Sign up for the BuildTour, make sure your manager knows about it, because it is likely they didn’t know about it, and that it is FREE!  Now you can ignore the rest of this missive.  Except go to the MVA on Machine learning at:, cool stuff.  Likely you didn’t take the right stats class for Machine Learning, but the “soft” degree people did.  Hire them.

What about everyone else

What about everyone else?  For instance if you were a Social Ecology students.  Likely you are working at that rental car agency, the money is good, but not something to get passionate about.  And you have that year abroad to pay off.  Guess what? Your Social Ecology major has the seeds of success in the world of technology. 

There are some things that your professors didn’t tell you. So let’s talk. 

Before we talk, get signed up for the BuildTour, put together your resume and be prepared to drink lots of coffee to stay alert during the event.  Now let’s talk…

You have been led to believe that your 4 year degree may be useless

Not true.  Many, if not most, great software designers are not degreed Computer Scientists.  For example, Bret Stateham or Jerry Nixon are not degreed computer scientists.  But can they teach and inspire people to do better? Yep!  Can do excellent design? Yep!  Can you?  Yep! 

How do you get started with building that next software app that beats Yelp! or other apps that people use?  (Keep in mind that Yelp! is struggling with business and social issues that you might be able to solve, not technology issues.)

First sign up for Build on June 15, 2015, seriously.  Lots of really hard subjects, but you need to get a holographic look at what is available.  The BuildTour is one way to do this!

BuildTour will help you get moving in technology. 

So for great networking opportunities visit this site and get signed up:

Free Sign up for the  BuildTour on 6/15 in LA: , this is great event to find people who might be able to take your passion and put into technology like apps, Kinect, Hololens, games and psychology.

What if you can’t make the Build Tour?

If you can’t make BuildTour, then consider checking out something on Machine Learning, because that statistics course you hated can now be used to make you money:

Learn about Machine Learning, which is just a form of applied statistics, the kind of statistics you got a good grade in but didn’t really like.  If you build Machine Learning apps you can make money in the app market place.  Find out how by using this course, which provides you with the easy to use Microsoft Machine Learning MLStudio for FREE!

Learn about Machine Learning


Do these two simple things and now you can handle those awkward conversations with relatives who think you did the wrong thing with your degree.  We know this is wrong, you did take the classes necessary to succeed, which were usually the boring and hard to do classes.  Those stats classes can be useful in Machine Learning and you will then see that you can be successful.