Social Game is the thane: Quickly implementing Pushy Phone Notifications

While watching MacBeth, MacBeth is a “thane”, what is that?  Is it like being a vice president at a bank?  No, it is a rank below ealdormen or high-reeves, or a retainer, not quite an earl.  Likely higher than an esquire.  Got that?  Me neither.  I think it was someone who might possibly get a promotion to the top spot if the witches help you out, but like lawyers the cost is quite high.  Anyway, and there were King’s Thanes and Inferior Thanes.  Basically these guys (and yes they were male) because they held land directly from the King.  Now how does this apply to Windows Phone 7?  You won’t get property from the government, but you can create your own intellectual property by creating Windows Phone 7 apps!  There I made the connection.  You could become a King’s Thane of the Windows Phone 7 by creating apps!  Yeah, otherwise you might become an Inferior Thane, how would that sound?

Ok, on to Pushy Phone Notifications.  It’s easy, really easy.  You have to use Visual Studio Pro or higher, for good reason, so no whining please.

Download from this link the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone:

Do the installation, you will like need to install some items, but the installation file will guide you though that.

Once you have that all done, your New Project will look like this, you will have a template for Windows Phone Applications, cool.  Create a default app using this template.  The template opens up and guides you through how to use the project, it is somewhat complicated, and how to experience the wonders to tile notification, Toast notification, and Raw notification, as well a bunch of other things like tables, blobs and so forth.  Pretty cool.


Have fun, I got some game ideas, along with Tankser.