The Citizen Scientist blog site has been moved!

This blog will continue at

Reason for the move:
Time for the Citizen Scientist, me, to move on from Microsoft. Science for me is a passion now, Microsoft, Google and other large companies are very supportive of science but that is not their main job.

Microsoft builds great tools for the scientist, hobbyist and students to use for exploration of the world and universe that surrounds us.

Azure, Hololens, and the whole Microsoft research team works to improve the world. Microsoft is a great place to work at, and it has been a great adventure for me. I have traveled in great style, worked on interesting projects and help solved big world problems. For this Microsoft has been great and I appreciate it in every way. As a professional if you get a chance to work for Microsoft, take it, the company is one of the best to work for. Stocks on the other hand... Well there are always problems that are opportunities.

My main goal now it to work toward creating systems to support humans on the surface of Mars. Not an easy goal, and when I listen to conversations I have at the Institute of Technological Advancement, at UCLA, it does seem like science fiction. It isn't, it is science fact.

Other items under research are:
1. What happened to the starfish on the pacific coast of North America (and yes I know about the wasting disease, but ALL of the starfish disappeared.)
2. Rewriting my copy of Euclid, if you are an Euclidean, then you get this, otherwise, well go over to the new blog link.
3. Cleaning up my office, likely new life forms will be present there.

So zoom over to

(The site is live right now, but I am working on getting to work well on mobile, and build content.)