Using the Live Writer Community Version

Well open source is the big thing these days.  Ok, good enough.  But after rebuilding my machine, I am installing Visual Studio and Visual Code first.  Of course if you build your JTEAM correctly you don’t have to do an install, just pop into a USB, Dropbox or Azure and all it is a download.  Java exists in a virtual machine so it runs on anything.  Now that I am studying it a bit these days, pretty cool.

If you want to join a lively open source group, the Live Writer Community Version is a great way to go.  Lots of Microsoft folks love Live Writer and we want others to appreciate it.

Check out Live Writer Community Version:

But for your career it is a better thing to go to:, this is a great way to get into C#.  I know, I know, I have been talking about Java and all of that, but come on, I get to say C# every once in awhile.

Have fun!