Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi at UC Merced!

On Saturday I did a great event on the campus of UC Merced, a great bunch of students who have fun and do Computer Science!  If you are looking at the schools to attend in the UC system, give UC Merced a consideration, it is one of the newest schools and will likely become one of the largest in the system.  Right now, it is quite small and personal, making it like a small school with an amazing sister schools like UCLA.


Alex Beltran & Daniel Winkler complete the first Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi + in a Hackathon event at UC Merced!  Great work guys!

Which I think may be first time Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi 2+ has been used in a college event!

Thanks for inviting me to work with everyone at University of California, Merced.  Looks like this will become a campus with good spirit!

Like UC Riverside, this is one of the hidden jewels in the UC system, we often think of UCLA, UCB, UCI, UCSD or UCSB, but UCR and UC Merced appear to have awesome students that are having fun and learning a lot.  Don’t misunderstand me, UC Merced does not appear to be a “party” school, but it does seem like a really fun place to learn from world class leaders.

Win 10, it’s good.