Browsers: Proxy Configurations, Scripting and troubleshooting them using different tools

Abstract :

This is a Proxy oriented session, that starts with introduction to proxy servers. We will discuss about various configurations of proxy with reference to the browsers IE11 and Microsoft Edge. Focus would be mainly on tools such as "Winhttpdiag", "AutoProx" and "PAC-DBG", which helps us understand proxy set up and aid in troubleshooting. Thereby, simplifying the approach while handling issues with respect to Proxies.

Webinar Date & Time: March 7th 2018, 8 AM GMT

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Speaker Bio:

Preethi Shekar currently works as a Support Engineer at Microsoft India GTSC. Her day to day role is to empower peers and customers to achieve more. Her role creates an opportunity to master the basics of various technical concepts. Being in a customer facing role, she partners with product groups and collaborates with divergent teams. Her focus areas are browser architecture, group policies, windows networking and technical concepts relating to Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.