Diagnosing common memory leak patterns in the browser

Abstract :

This is a memory leak oriented session for Internet explorer and Edge browsers. In this session, we will discuss on various examples to identify the memory leak patterns and how do we resolve them. We will see how to analyze the memory leak using f12 memory profiler and Windows performance analyzer (WPA). This session is aimed to help the developers to detect and resolve the memory leaks in their web applications.

Webinar Date & Time: March 12th 2018, 10 AM GMT

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Speaker Bio:

Prabhu Itagi is part of Developer Browser SDK and works as a Support Engineer in Microsoft. His supports work related to Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer space. His expertise stands on development related issues and helping the customers with regard to application performance and memory leaks. He love to debug the customers complex issues. He has shown great passion in sharing the learning with the customers and colleagues.