My First International Presentation–Continuous Deployment with TFS 2012

It’s been a month since I wrote the last post in this blog. It was really a busy month.

I had the opportunity to deliver a presentation in the U.S.

My speak was about Continuous Deployment with Team Foundation Server 2012. Not the Azure deployment though. It was about automation to on-premises environments.

It was a great experience and all the work to create the presentation and the demonstrations made even more interested in build automation and deployment than before.

Speaking about the content, I’ve done three demonstrations:

  • Automate web application deployment with Publishing Profiles and Web Deployment Tool
  • Deploy and Rollback of: web application, WCF service library to IIS, Windows Service and SQL Server Database;
  • Staged deployment with TFS Deployer

During the next weeks or months I’ll write in this blog about the scenarios, share my build templates and all this.

That’s it. I  just wanted to give a heads up about what is coming.