Convert It 3.0 Smartphone Edition Online Help

Online help for Convert It 3.0 coming soon!!


Hopefully the application is fairly self explanatory - but here are a couple of hints

  1. To update a Currency or Stock Category it must be the active selected category on the screen then select "5 Update" from the "Options" Menu
  2. If you move the cursor down through the list of conversions you need to click the "Action/Enter" button on your phone to return to the Value data entry box
  3. There is a " ->> " gliff on the screen that indicates more information about the conversion is available. Move the cursor in to the conversion list area you can also scroll to the right for move information. For
    1. Measure, Temperature and Currency types you'll see the calculated Inverse
    2. StockQuotes you'll see O: Opening Price, H: Highest Price, V: Trading Volume, PC: Percentage Change

If you have any more questions/issues then please post here or email me via the "Contact" link on my blog:-)