Convert It Change Log

Version 2.6

Date: Dec 2005: QVGA Screen Support, now looks good on the new generation Windows Mobile V5 Smartphones

Version 2.5

Date: Nov 2005: Following features added

  1. Results displayed on a separate panel for a more consistent user experience
  2. Catalogue and Category Editor Added
  3. Additional Category Ratios added - 'Volume', 'Angle', 'Pressure' and 'Time'
  4. Unlimited number of Categories per Category Type (it was limited to 9)
  5. Tax, Tip and Split Added to Currency Conversions
  6. Version Check - requires Internet access from your phone, checks to see if there are any updates
  7. Enhanced Online Updates for Currency and Stock Category Types
  8. Reengineered internals so whole application driven from an via an XML DOM
  9. Category Schema Changed - Item Count and Category Count attribute requirments removed

Version 2.2

Date: Oct 16, 2005: Feature request update - no bugs (that I know about)

  1. Changed Menu system to allow for 10 categories per category type
  2. Changed Category Type 'Linear' to 'Measures'
  3. Spelling <opps><blush> Celsius and Fahrenheit now spelt correctly:-)

Version 2.11

Date: Oct 14, 2005: Fixed a minor update issue with the Update Currency function

Version 2.1

Date: Oct 12, 2005: Fixed a Globalisation Issue = see

Version 2.0

Date: Oct 10, 2005: Public Release