Getting started with Windows Mobile 6.5 Widget Development

Nigel was after a few pointers for Widget development for Windows Mobile 6.5, so thought useful to blog as well!!

The model for widget development is similar to that of Apple, Nokia, Opera etc - HTML, JavaScript, CSS - the platform APIs differ for example persisting setting, creating enus etc, but same concepts.

  1. Developing Widgets for Windows Mobile 6.5
  2. Getting started with widgets on Windows Mobile 6.5
  3. Useful info on setting up dev environment - important thing is that the 6.5 is a developers toolkit and must be installed after the 6.0 refresh SDKs - see blog item...  SDK, DTK, DRK: WTF?!
  4. Nick Randolph's blog at Nick's .NET Travels - lots of great stuff on Widget Development...
  5. And get yourself signed up on Codemasons site - The Codemasons' Guild
  6. The W3C spec for widgets is at Widgets 1.0: Requirements

Cheers Dave