Kick Start Your Windows Phone 7 Project: Developer Resources and Test Devices Availability for Australia

imageThis list is not new, but I wanted one place to refer people to, these resources are a great place to start

  1. Windows Phone 7 Design Resources – UI Guide and Design Templates
  2. Start here, understand the Windows Phone 7 Experience Windows Phone Design Day Recordings
  3. Check out the labs here Windows Phone 7 Training Kit
  4. Then head over to Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Training
  5. Watch this space for some depth training workshops that we are looking to roll out in Australia.

Indyfromoz keeps an amazing up to date list of Windows Phone 7 Developer Resources at thanks Mate!!

If you live and develop in Australia, then I have a limited pool of Windows Phone 7 Engineering prototype devices for loan.

Once you get your application to test phase then click this link and email me and I’ll add you to the nomination list for a loan device, 1 to 2 weeks max… 

Ideally email me a video cast of your apps progress, I will not share or otherwise disclose your Intellectual Property.

Cheers Dave