Microsoft IOT Cloud Workshops

The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with an opportunity to collaborate with both Microsoft staff and industry peers to build a pre-defined IoT solution that will enable you to take the skills learnt and replicate this in your IoT use case.

• Melbourne 7th – 8th December 2017
• Sydney 11th – 12th December 2017

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We have specifically prepared this course for technology architects, solution architects and developers that are building IoT platforms. This course will be Level 300+ content to help you understand how Azure IoT suite is used in customer examples, as well as providing you with foundational hands-on skills to implement your owns solutions.

There will be a high level of collaboration during this course so please be prepared to share your knowledge in the team that you are assigned to. Each participant will have different domain expertise so it’s important that we build skills in the community together.

We have built the structure of the course to enable you to collaborate in teams, leveraging different hardware and sensor environments – we’ll use a RPi3s as the edge gateway and TI SensorTags but you’re welcome to explore other options! We’ll also provide some insight into the latest Azure IoT platform announcements.

Who Should Attend:
To attend this course, you must have proficiency at minimum Level 200 skills in: -
• General Azure skills (portal/command-line) and the ability to configure Azure IoT suite
• Node.js scripting skills
• Understanding of data structures (for storage and analytics)
• Using the Azure IoT SDK (on both Linux and Windows)
• Shell Scripting experience
• Understanding integration sensors (we’re using Bluetooth TI SensorTags for the course to accelerate development)

The registration fee for attending this training is $199 per person, this will include meals and course content. You are responsible for arranging your own travel and accommodations, including all travel-related costs.