VDNUG Mobility Development with Visual Studio 2005 Session Links (Dec 13, 2005)

Well I hope you enjoyed my slot in the VDNUG meeting on building mobile apps with Visual Studio 2005. Here are the references I discussed...

  1. www.msdn.com/mobile
  2. Windows Mobile V5 SDK
  3. Openwave emulator - check out their developer site for the SDK download (see http://asp.net/mobile/DeviceSimulators.aspx?tabindex=5 for more info on emulators)
  4. http://www.opennetcf.org - Smart Devices Framework, almost required for Compact Framework V1 applications, much less so for Compact Framework V2

Demos and Sample code

ASP.NET V2 Mobile Web Forms - Web browser based adaptive/broad reach device application development.

  1. Can be built with Full Visual Studio 2005 (and 2003) or Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition. Adaptive to most mobile phones in the market place, I can't find list of devices supported in ASP.NET V2, but check out what is supported in ASP.NET V1 here and you'll see that it's a comprehensive list of phones and emulators!!

Mobile Web Mappoint: 

Hoff Piccie of the Day (lol, yes I know but a bit of a laugh, and you did...) it should work on pretty much any phone that can connect to the internet - let me know if it doesn't!! But basically to demonstrate the adaptive nature of the ASP.NET Mobile Web Forms Server Controls - notably the Calendar control.

Compact Framework - Targeting Windows Mobile Devices for Rich and Partially Connected Scenarios

Compact Framework Working Samples

3rd Party Apps Used or spotted during demos

Also www.Pocketgear.com and www.Smartphone.net also have developer Zones, actually pretty cool for freeware and commercial applications!!