Windows 7 Intro and Install Fest: Victoria.NET (Melb) Tue, May 12, 2009

imageAs per Mahesh's notice out we're pulling together some resources and fun items for the Windows 7 Install Fest as part of the Victoria.NET User Group meeting on Tuesday May 12. 

We'll have DVDs (hopefully) and some bootable USB Windows 7 install keys available to install a fresh or upgrade your existing Windows Vista install.

If ya keen to give it a whirl then make sure you do a complete system backup first before the event, both to save time and potential tears (but I reckon it'll be smiles), but yeah just in case.

So we'll see ya there and I'll also do a quick intro, a few tips and tricks and cover off some useful resources to help ensure you are building Windows 7 compatible applications!!

Now am pretty darn sure the photo in the out of box Windows 7 backgrounds is the bridge/tunnel on the Melbourne Tullamarine freeway, does anyone know the tunnel's name??

For now some useful links:-

Cheers Dave

Win 7 Logo - Alpha Toolkit Overview.pptx