Entity Framework Beta 3 and Entity Designer CTP2 are out!

Today we made a huge step towards RTM. I know this is no news anymore, but well, it has been one of those days ;)

Now please, go get the bits, start creating your models with the designer. Then tweak them with some nice inheritance. Why not, taste a few EntityReaders. Generate some classes and take a look at the generated code. Get familiar with our objects and namespaces! Surround an ObjectContext in a Using statement. Plunk some ObjectQuery<T> inside. Indulge yourself with some LINQ to Entities queries. Change values here and there, add some Entities. Call SaveChanges()...

If you have been waiting to get familiar with the Entity Framework, there is no way and no reason not to start now.

BuildYourSkills() and most of all, SendYourFeedback() ! :)