Tech•Ed 2009 North America: Architecture Track Call for Papers

 You are cordially invited  to submit a title and abstract for a Breakout Session, Hands-on Lab, Interactive Theater Session, Tech•Ed Online Tech Talk,  or Tech•Ed Online Panel Discussion for the Architecture track at Tech•Ed North America 2009.

The Architecture [ARC] track has become a key contributor at Tech•Ed and we plan to continue leading the sessions by providing relevant content. This is your opportunity to propose sessions for delivery.
The Architecture track will offer sessions that target Architecture (of technology) and Architects (as part of a job description). Elements include the architectural process of translating business vision, intent, and strategy into effective technological change in the Enterprise; addressing the skills of creating, communicating, and improving the key tenets, principles, and models that describe the Enterprise's future state and enable its transformation, evolution, or migration.


  1. Go to:
  2. Enter RSVP Access Code: RSVP09-ARC
  3. Complete all the fields and submit your entry.

NOTE: You will use the email alias and password you entered when creating your Call for Content profile to return to this site to review or edit your submission or to submit another topic.

Deadline for Submissions:   January 5, 2009

What is Tech•Ed?

Tech•Ed is Microsoft’s premier global conference designed to provide Developers and IT Professionals with the technical education, product evaluation and community resources they need to design, develop, manage, secure, and mobilize state-of-the-art software solutions for a connected enterprise. 

Tech•Ed North America 2009 Returns to a Single Week Event!

To better serve the needs of Developers and IT Professionals, Microsoft constantly looks for the best, most efficient channels to educate both communities on the latest technology developments. Based on our recent findings, Tech•Ed North America will once again be focused into a single week for both communities.

The return to a combined event is the result of feedback from both the Developer and IT Professional communities. We remain excited to provide the best technical education event in the industry, and we are confident the combined-week model will continue to deliver the great content, education, and connection opportunities it has delivered for more than 16 years.

The following information will be helpful as you think about the session ideas that you would like to submit and present at Tech•Ed.

Audience Segments

Approximately 40% of those who attend Tech•Ed are developers, solution architects, designers and testers who seek to engage with Microsoft and take a deep dive into the latest enterprise development solutions using Microsoft’s developer tools, frameworks, and platforms. The remaining 60% are IT Professionals seeking to collaborate and network with Microsoft staff and other IT professionals, and who also want to learn how to design, plan, deploy, manage, and secure a connected enterprise.

Content directed at these audience segments focuses on current and soon-to-release (available in CTP) Microsoft products, technologies and services.

Tech•Ed 2009 kicks off in North America and is followed by international Tech•Ed events that leverage much of the same content reaching 50,000 customers in-person and over 100,000 online.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions are the main content delivery modality at Tech•Ed. These sessions are lecture-style presentations located in rooms seating anywhere from 200-1,200 people and are 75 minutes in length. They typically include slides, demos, and a Question & Answer period, and they are recorded and distributed in the Global TechEd content library.

Next steps…

  • We will review session submissions to determine which ones best meet the needs of the Tech•Ed audience, adhere to the content guidelines, and fulfill the messaging requirements of the product group. 
  • We will relay the final status of all submissions by March 2009. Please be sure to contact your track owner for any questions you have about the status of your submission,

Tech•Ed is a strategic event for Architecture as a discipline and as a profession. Thank you taking the time to begin planning for this important customer event. Please feel free to contact me and send any additional questions that you have regarding the Architecture track.

Warmest regards,

Tech Ed 2008 ARC Core Team

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