"Essential LINQ" book to be published tomorrow

I have been underground for a while - trying to wrap up the LINQ book and working on some exciting stuff for Silverlight. For the latter, my lips are sealed until Mix 209. For the former, it is a different story ...

Last month, I finally finished all the prep work and so did my co-author Charlie Calvert. My editors from Addison Wesley tell me that the book is going to be out tomorrow. Here is the ToC  and here is the Amazon listing. I am also adding the ToC to this post.

After Mix, I will have a lot more to say about how we are taking steps in the next interesting area - beyond DALs but I will keep quiet lest I divulge more than I am allowed to.





Table of Contents

Foreword xxi

Acknowledgments xxv

About the Authors xxix

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Chapter 2 Getting Started 13

Chapter 3 The Essence of LINQ 39

Chapter 4 C# 3.0 Technical Overview 65

Chapter 5 Writing Query Expressions 129

Chapter 6 Query Operators 175

Chapter 7 A Quick Tour of LINQ to SQL 231

Chapter 8 Reading Objects with LINQ to SQL 247

Chapter 9 Modifying Objects with LINQ to SQL 281

Chapter 10 Using Stored Procedures and Database Functions with LINQ to SQL 319

Chapter 11 Customizing Entity Persistence and Adding Business Logic 337

Chapter 12 LINQ to Entities Overview 349

Chapter 13 LINQ to XML: Creation 369

Chapter 14 Querying and Editing XML 387

Chapter 15 XML Namespaces, Transforms, and Schema Validation 423

Chapter 16 Introduction to LINQ Patterns and Practices 465

Chapter 17 LINQ Everywhere 487

Chapter 18 Conclusion 515

Appendix A Tips for Developers 519

Index 547