Inaugural Blog

Welcome to my blog. Yes, that’s right; you’re reading YAIB (Yet another Inaugural Blog).

So, who am I, and why should you care? My name is Robert “Dino” Viehland (as in everyone calls me Dino, except for people who knew me in high school or before. E.g. parents, old friends, etc… So this is the only time I’ll mention Robert). I’ve worked at Microsoft for nearly 3 years now and that entire time I’ve been on the CLR team as an SDE/T. If you’ve missed the other introductions an SDE/T stands for Software Design Engineer/Test. That essentially means that I spend my time writing tests or test tools to test the product, running those tests or tools over the product, and investigating why they failed.

In particular I own testing a portion of the CLR hosting interfaces test a portion of the CLR hosting interfaces and do a large amount of directed reliability testing. On the hosting side of things that includes new Whidbey features like threading abstraction APIs (fiber mode, deadlock detection, etc…) and memory abstraction APIs. On the reliability side of things I work on primarily directed reliability testing like fault injection and leak detection.

Over the future of my blog I hope to blog about those new features and the work we’ve done to allow the CLR to run in-process with Yukon. And hopefully there’ll be some random anecdotes and other topics along the way.

So once again, welcome to my blog!