Quick note: new SQL MP with fixes around dashboards available -> Fix available

IMPORTANT NOTE (13.11.2015): An updated version is now available which fixes the previous issues

SQL Server Visualization Library (dashboards) features and changes in v6.6.3.0

  • Implemented batching to all data aggregation mechanisms to ensure low temp database space and log space usage.
    • Please see Notes section below for further details.
  • Implemented a control bit to divide group from non-group references to save space in aggregated data storage.
  • Fixed error message in SQL DB Discovery script that erroneously stated "… SQL Agent Job discovery script … failed".
  • Improved performance!
  • Dashboard displays behave in line with user permissions:
    • The user can see the groups according to his/her access level only.
    • Read-Only mode for non-authors provides basic functions only: navigation, changing of the personalization settings.
  • Dark, Light, and Contrast themes have been added.

IMPORTANT NOTE (22.10.2015): SQL Product Group has been removed the MP version from download. Read more here.
If you are affected by the issues caused by the MP you can mitigate the issue by executing this SQL code on your OpsMgrDB according to the Product Group

alter procedure sdk.Microsoft_SQLServer_Visualization_Library_UpdateHierarchy as RETURN 0;
alter procedure sdk.Microsoft_SQLServer_Visualization_Library_UpdateLastValues as RETURN 0;
update sdk.Microsoft_SQLServer_Visualization_Library_Tables set LastProcessedId = 9223372036854775807;

IMPORTANT NOTE (20.10.2015): Please be careful with this release of the MP and test it thoroughly. There might be issues with the SQL 2014 MP and fast growing Log files which I did not notice in my test environments so far but other customers have. Thanks to Vladimir and Patrick for pointing me to this issue.

This is just a short info that  a new SQL MP is available for download here.

According to the MP guide it contains several fixes:

  • Added a support for disabled TCP/IP protocol
  • Fixed performance metrics error that may occur on some localized versions of Windows
  • Fixed bugs in monitor tiles on SQL Server Summary Dashboard
  • Fixed incorrect performance of Transaction log free space monitor
  • Added new type of events from failed discoveries; added a new rule that collects such events
  • Added overrides to prevent various scripts timeout failure
  • Removed some 1X1 tiles from Summary Dashboards
  • Filestream filegroups are excluded from discovery for now
  • 2008/2012 Summary Dashboards tiles were reorganized

In my test environment everything seems to work now, so happy testing and evaluating :)