Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 - C# patch released for crashing bug

Since the the release of VS2008 Beta2, we've been getting several reports of a crashing bug in the C# IDE. If you've run into any crashes and are using explicitly implemented interfaces in a solution that contains project to project references, you're most likely running into this very issue. More specifically, it turns out that when a C# IntelliSense feature (such as IntelliSense) is invoked on a member of an explicitly implemented interface that's defined in another project, the IDE will end up crashing. 


I'm happy to announce that we released a Beta2 patch for this bug yesterday. There are a few important notes about this patch you should keep in mind before proceeding:

- The patch is a pilot for the VS2008 servicing program so any feedback you provide about the setup experience would be tremendously helpful in helping us make the final servicing experience golden. Please add your comments below.

- The patch is currently only available for English SKU’s of VS2008 Beta2 but note that future patches will be available for all VS-supported languages.