Great MCE 2005 feature: Info on Movies

It seems like every day I find a Media Center 2005 feature that makes me say, "wow isn't that cool!" Today's is "More Info" on Movies. 

First, when you want to pick something to watch, it treats movies separately, you can see what movies are on now, on in the next hour, etc.:

This was interesting but didn't knock my socks off. Then, we get to the cool stuff. I am an IMDB junkie, I love seeing what actors were in what movies. So I was delighted to see this, when I hit the "Info" button while watching a movie, and then selecting "Cast & More":

You can see what seems (in my small sample size I've looked at) to be a complete list of the credits, a real, critical review of the movie, and a list of other movies you might like to see. Then, if you click on someone in the credits (in this case, Sean Connery):

You can see the other movies that Sean Connery was in, and if they are in the guide on a channel you receive, it will tell you what channel and when. Of course, you can click on it to record it. Neat!