A stocking stuffer from TC45

Ecma TC45 has uploaded to their web site proposed dispositions for 2298 of the 3522 total DIS 29500 comments today, according the the announcement on the Ecma web site from Tom Ngo of NextPage. There are 532 new responses, and they've now completed 65% of the dispositions.

This batch includes some pretty big changes, such as making DIS 29500 into a three-part standard that has separate conformance "classes" for OPC (Open Packaging Conventions) and MCE (Markup Compatibility and Extensibility), moving VML and a bunch of other things into an annex for deprecated features, and changes that allow for pre-1900 dates and accurate handling of the 1900 leap-year issue. You can learn more about the details over on Brian's blog.

Speaking of Brian's blog, I noticed an unusual comment from him about the Buckeyes. I think he must be teasing the #1 Buckeye fan in Redmond.

Happy Holidays, everyone!