Bogota Open XML workshop

Friday afternoon we finished up the workshop in Bogota, Colombia. This one was essentially a train-the-trainer event, since we had 3rd-party trainers and Microsoft people attending from several countries (Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia) and many of them will be redelivering the content.  We also had some attendees who are involved in interesting types of Open XML applications which I'll be talking about later.

Thanks to everyone involved for making this a successful event. Especially Sandra Marin! Sandra not only put together a great group of attendees from all the Andean nations, she also booked our hotels, arranged transportation for both the trainers and the attendees each day, provided us with office space to work in, and made everything run smooth as silk. We had a minor traffic accident Friday morning on the way to the workshop, but that's just because Sandra wasn't driving the bus. :-)

The flight from Bogota to Mexico on Saturday morning was very interesting to me, because the skies were pretty clear and we passed over many areas I've never seen before. Here are a few photos I took from the plane: