"Breaking news" on NOOOXML.org

Apparently the lack of IPR issues around Open XML (Oliver and Jason have recent coverage of this non-issue) has forced NOOOXML.org to reach way down into their bag of tricks and try to resuscitate a long-forgotten story. I noticed the above breaking news item ("ISO warned about possible patent ambush on OOXML") this afternoon on NOOOXML.org, but after taking the time to read the post and follow the links (5 minutes I can never get back, sadly), I found that the Cnet article upon which this story is based was published in October 2005.

The folks over at NOOOXML.org recently chastised me for not subscribing to their RSS feed, which they claimed was giving me poor "reaction time." After seeing today's top story on NOOOXML.org, I realized they're employing a sophisticated multi-stage strategy, which I was too naive to see coming: they've duped me into subscribing, and now they're feeding me really old news so that I'll become less informed by reading their blog. They're sacrificing the timeliness of their blog just to mislead me. :-)

I'm deeply honored, guys. Keep up the good work.