Links for 03-25-2009

I’m here at the WG4 meeting in Prague this week, working on IS29500 maintenance with the other members.  I’ll be posting about the week’s activity after we’re done and I have some time, but for now I wanted to cover a few blog posts I’ve found interesting in the last few days …

I only showed up here Monday evening, but some people were around during the XML Prague conference over the weekend.  Alex Brown has blogged about Day 1 and Day 2 of that event, as well as the SC34 WG1 meeting on Monday.

Eric White has a post on the release of the Open XML Power Tools V1.1, with a video showing off some new features and plenty of details.  If you’ve not yet downloaded the Power Tools, now’s the time – they’ve getting more and more polished, and are useful utilities as well as excellent code samples for Open XML developers.

Gray Knowlton has the latest on the Daisy translator, which can be used to save from word to an MP3, among other things.

Gray also has a post on a the availability of full source code for the TextGlow Silverlight Open XML Viewer.  Intergen has posted the code on the web site.

Rich Quackenbush has a post on Using OPC to Store Your Own Data.  OPC (the Open Packaging Convention) is an ISO standard (as Part 2 of IS29500), and it offers a flexible mechanism for storing various content types in a single ZIP archive.