Munich train-the-trainer event

The Open XML train-the-trainer event at Munich's Kempinski Hotel this week has been a great chance to meet new friends (and a couple of old friends) from a bunch of countries all in one place at one time. We have attendees here from Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, and Germany, and they'll all be giving Open XML workshops in their regions in the months ahead.

The Kempinski is a great place for an event like this, because it's located right here at the airport. You can walk to and from your connecting flights, the food at the lunch buffet is spectacular, and the conference facilities are very nice. Well, the light switch by the door threw me for a loop, but other than that things have gone smoothly. (You had to be there. :-))

Thanks to Gerd and Nina for setting this up. Next stop ... Kiev.