Open XML in Estonia

At the launch of Office/Vista/Exchange (LOVE, get it?) in Estonia 10 days ago, Microsoft Student Partner Kristjan Kongo gave a presentation on Open XML and showed off some demos of the kinds of developer opportunities that Open XML offers. Thanks for plugging the OpenXmlDeveloper site on your desktop, Kristjan!

The Estonian launch event also featured Tanel Padar, Estonia's most famous rock singer, performing Queen's anthem "We Will Rock You" for a big crowd, complete with fireworks. I wasn't there, but I met Kristjan at TechEd in Barcelona last month, where we talked about various aspects of Open XML development.

It's great to see so many young developers working with Open XML. I've met several college students in recent weeks who are already working with Open XML, and some even as young as high school (hi Antoine). It will be fun to see what kinds of creative Open XML applications this new generation of developers comes up with in the months and years ahead.