Open XML links for 03-22-2007

A few recent and upcoming events related to Open XML ...

Harvard Workshop. Brian Jones is at a workshop entitled "Cross-Boundary Governance through Agreements and Standards" at Harvard this week, and it sounds like an interesting event. Speakers include a variety of people from the public sector and business, including Microsoft's Stuart McKee, IBM's Bob Sutor, and tech-industry writers like Nick Carr and Esther Dyson.

Notes Developer Workshop. I gave a talk on Open XML at the Lotus Notes .NET Integration Workshop here on the Redmond campus this afternoon, and it was interesting to hear some of the questions and comments from the attendees.  I don't spend much time around Notes developers, and they had some fresh perspectives on development scenarios that I hadn't considered before. Thanks to my colleague Gary Devendorf for giving me the opportunity to participate.

Developer & IT Pro Days 2007. I'll be speaking on Open XML next week at the Developer & IT Pro Days 2007 conference in Belgium (Ghent), and my colleague Craig Kitterman and I will also be involved in a roundtable document formats discussion with the media earlier that day. More on that event next week.

Open XML workshop in Reading, UK. Wouter Van Vugt will be at it again, delivering an Open XML developer workshop in the UK on April 30 - May 1.

OK, the next post will be that one about custom XML markup I've been promising for a couple of weeks ...