Open XML links for 04-28-2008

Open XML SDK Class Diagram Explorer. Erika Ehrli has created a reference for Open XML developers that is also a great demo of the types of user interfaces that Silverlight enables. The Open XML FormatSDK Class Diagram Explorer uses Deep Zoom to enable intuitive browsing on a large hi-res image of the entire class diagram for the SDK.

SDK code samples. Julien Chable has posted simple code samples showing how to create a new word-processing document or replace a custom XML part using the latest release of the Open XML SDK. The descriptions are in French, but the code is in multicultural C#.

Publicizing your Open XML solution. Building the next great Open XML solution for Office users? We have several ways to help you get the word out. The OBA Central web site has info on how you can get your solution listed on the web site, get nominated into Metro (to work with Microsoft's DP&E group on upcoming Office technologies), and enroll in the Innovate on Office program.

Functional Programming Tutorial. Eric White has updated his popular tutorial on functional programming. If you're an experienced developer in an object-oriented language like C# or Java, this tutorial is a great place to start with the mind-bending concepts behind LINQ and other FP tools. The code samples use Open XML documents.

Do you know XML? And while you're polishing up your dev skills, might as well learn a little more about XML too. Ric Johnson has an XML test that includes some good food for thought. Try searching for each topic to learn more about it online. (For example.)

Updated RTF specification. Murray Sargent announced last week that an updated version of the RTF spec is now available for download here. As Murray notes on his blog, reading the math section of the RTF specification is a great way to learn about the Office math model.

Exploring ODF. Jesper Lund Stocholm is exploring the ODF format and how it compares and contrasts to the Open XML format. His last two posts have interesting info on how formulas and custom XML support (via XForms) are implemented.