Open XML solution demonstration at WPC

Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference is taking place this week in Denver, and John Peltonen of 3Sharp will be doing a demonstration of the Red Cross solution that they've built. As you can read on his blog, the presentation will be at 5:15pm Tuesday in the Partner Solutions Theater, booth 1037.

Z5 NomadThe Red Cross system is a good example of Open XML document assembly in action. John's team has developed deep expertise in the Open XML formats through their work on this project and others they've done for other customers who are early adopters of Open XML technology, and John also sits on the INCITS V1 technical committee that is evaluating the Open XML spec for the ISO process here in the US.

This overview of the Red Cross system should be interesting for developers looking to get started with Open XML, and it's a great opportunity to ask questions of someone who has hands-on experience implementing Open XML solutions. And as John mentions, this system is based on Z5's amazing Nomad hardware platform. (Think "James Bond's portable office" and you're on the right track.)

Check it out if you're at WPC this week.