Open XML Translator 1.0 available

Version 1.0 of the Open XML translator project is now available on SourceForge. Here are links for the download and more information:

Download the translator:
Official announcement:
Translator team blog:
Brian Jones's blog:

This translator allows Word 2007 to read and write OpenDocument Format (ODF), and it also allows ODF-based products such as OpenOffice to read and write Open XML. Novell will soon make available versions of OpenOffice that use the translator to support Open XML on the SuSe Linux and Windows platforms, for example.

This interoperability between the two major document formats is a great thing for users. Open XML and ODF serve different needs and offer different capabilities, but now you can easily work with either format on the same system. This phase of the translator project works with word-processing documents, and work will begin this month on plans to support spreadsheet and presentation formats as well.

Kudos to my friends Vijay Rajagopalan and Jean Goffinet for their roles in this exciting project. Great work, guys, keep it up!