Open XML webcasts (French)

Last month the Microsoft Paris office featured Open XML development at their "mercredis du développement" event, and webcasts from that event are now available on MSDN/France. Cyril Durand has posted a list of links to the webcasts.

These webcasts (13 total) are all delivered in French, and they cover Open XML development in .NET, Java, PHP, and Xlinq, as well as some of the basics of the main schemas and reviews of some major Open XML projects including the ODF translator project and the DOCX2HTML project. Speakers include Cyril Durand and Julien Chable from (a large and very active open-source community in France) as well as Jean Goffinet (lead architect on the ODF translator) and many others. Coincidentally, I was in Paris that same week helping put on an Open XML deep-dive developer workshop, and I saw the last three presentations in person.

If you speak French, these webcasts offer a variety of useful information about Open XML development. And if you're just learning French, as I am, what better way to learn than to listen to French software developers talk about Open XML? :-)

Merci pour les liens, Cyril.