Problem with getting files for website on IIS created by other user from Source control of TFS2005



Suppose user A has created a website on IIS from .NET and added it to solution and Source Control of TFS.

Now suppose user B logged into the machine and trying to open the solution created by user A .

User B may get the problem with website loading.

message is : “The Project File cannot be loaded”

Possible reason is:

Both user A and user B are working on same machine and accessing the same workspace.


You need to create a different workspace for both the user with same directory structure as on source control.

Now login on machine with user B and select workspace for user B .

Take Get latest from source control for the solution.

solution will get downloaded and a message may pop up for website download : you are trying to access website created by another user......

click Ok.

Now open the solution from workspace of user B. you will be able to work on that website, it will get downloaded properly.


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