Java, Ruby, Python, Apache, RedHat caps and the rest...

I've already written a post on the corporate blog about people using Unix and OSS: and now I figure out there's plenty of more crazy people out there.

Check out these two posts for example (both referring to the same episode, from the two guy's perspectives...):

Another person with these attitudes is Dare, comparing C# and Java:

And as a final note, today I saw this:
lol and behold, Deven! 

I guess it is just that we are all techie people and we like pretty much *everything*, as long as it runs :-)

Well, after all I have already written about this some time ago

When talking specifically about webservers is that when I started working in the IT field I've had a lot to do with IIS 3 for example, then 4, then 5... now 6. I also use Apache, but for some other stuff I would really like to use IIS 6 now on the Internet. I can't *afford* the hosting myself and I don't like to have something managed where i can't configure the OS myself. I want full admin access to *my* box.
But I guess that for this I will have to wait till broadband arrives where I live (which looks like it is finally going to happen.... ) for now on dial-up is not much fun to keep your server on the Internet with the cost of the telephone calls in Europe.... assuming one *wants* to forget about the speed :-)

Talking of IIS and Apache, I've got some friends running a site, for example, which is an IIS running behind an Apache reverse-proxy... and the whole lot runs off the same physical machine, as the IIS is virtualized. And that is quite cool.

I like interoperation, definitely.