Enabling Topology - Completed with Errors (Error Code 2310)

An issue I ran into when trying to publish my topology is that it would complete with errors when trying to do the enabling topology step:

Looking at the log, I can see that I'm getting the following errors when it trys to connect to the share:

Error: Error accessing share \\BETA-LS14-SE1.beta.deitterick.com\share - Method failed with unexpected error code 2310..  

Error: Cannot create directory. The path is read only: \\BETA-LS14-SE1.beta.deitterick.com\share\2-ApplicationServer-1\AppServerFiles

In this instance this server was a Standard Edition server and the issue was that I never created the share manually.  Unlike in OCS 2007 R1/R2, for a Standard Edition install, you need to manually create the share before publishing your topology.  This same error will happen for an Enterprise Edition pool if you haven't created the share, but for an Enterprise Edition install, you always had to manuall create the shares ahead of time.