Skype for Business Server Real-Time Statistics Manager 1.1 Available

An update to Skype for Business Server Real-Time Statistics Manager is available. The following known issues have been fixed in release 1.1:

  • UI/Server/Agent - Numerous significant reliability and performance improvements
  • UI - Main filter control now sorts correctly with different cases (was leading people to think certain servers weren’t in the system when they were)
  • Server - Server components will now install on non-English servers.
  • Server/Agent - In some cases, agent and server components would not install with .NET errors due to a specific version of .NET 4.0. This has been resolved.
  • Agent – Extended event logging added for the StatsMan Agent. The agent will no longer crash when installed on a server not in the topology, this will now be logged in the event log, along with many other possible error conditions.
  • UI - Web clients using the Chrome browser would see multiple login prompts when using a client computer not joined to the same workgroup or domain as the Statistics Manager Web server. Now only a single login should be required per session.


You can download the update here and get information on installing/upgrading here.