What Databases are Moved when Running Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover?

I have a customer question recently on how to know what databases the Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover cmdlet was going to move for each DatabaseType parameter.  Some of them are self explanatory, but others aren't as easy to guess and some that are listed don't do anything.  Below is a list of the DatabaseType parameters and the databases:

DatabaseType Database(s)
Application rgsconfigrgsdyncpsdyn
Archiving lcslog
CentralAdmin N/A
CentralMgmt xdslis
Edge N/A
Lyss N/A
Monitoring lcscdrqoemetrics
PersistentChat mgc
PersistentChatCompliance mgccomp
Provision N/A
Registrar N/A
User rtcabrtcxdsrtcshared

For any listed as N/A, running the Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover cmdlet will produce the following error message:

Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover : Command execution failed: Database type <TYPE> is not supported by the cmdlet.