Samsung Focus Ranked #1 AT&T Smartphone, Sorry Apple!


The Samsung Focus ranked as the number one smartphone in the PC Magazine Readers Choice Awards 2011: Mobile Phones and Carriers, Sorry Apple!

I have been using the Samsung Focus for a little while now as my primary phone and this phone is totally amazing and personally I think it’s a more impressive looking device than the Apple iPhone 4.

With the Samsung Focus you have a 4.0” touchscreen with Super AMOLED™ display, 5MP Camera & Camcorder, 8GB ROM which is expandable using the microSD card also available from AT&T, and this phone is fast!

If you haven’t seen the Super AMOLED™ display, go down to your local AT&T store and take a look as quality of the display is truly amazing!

What’s even better is that this phone will receive the Windows Phone 7.1 OS, formerly known by the codename “Mango”, update later this year and then your Samsung Focus will have an additional 500 features and will be even faster than it is today!

Installing the 16GB microSD card was easy following these instructions from the Samsung website and several users have also installed a 32GB microSD card within their phones.

The Samsung Focus is available either directly from the AT&T website or in one of their stores and at the moment is available for only $49 with a 2 year contract! If you’re living in Canada the Samsung Focus is also available from the Rogers website or in one of their stores.