Google is lanching a Web-based Spreadsheet

On Tuesday Google is set to launch a Web-based Spreadsheet program.  There are a number of takes on this around the web.  Comments from point out that Excel has set a pretty high bar.  And Google's new spreadsheet is focused on the consumer segment right now.  Not direct competition to Excel but obviously something we need to watch.

This is a good opportunity to point out the many exciting capabilities we’re delivering in the 2007 version of Excel.  New usability, new visual user interface advancements, support for collaboration and enabling business intelligence, and Excel Services which lets people share spreadsheets on the server, access them via Web services, and access them in the browser.  Take a look at our screencast called Getting Up And Running with Excel Services to see what I'm talking about.  Or check out the Excel 2007 Team Blog to talk directly to the product team.

Net net - this kind of competition is good for everybody, and we're moving fast and setting the bar higher and higher!