Office Live Visual Mindmap

What is Office Live?  What does it mean for web-savvy developers?  Here is my attempt to bring things together in one of my favorite ways - a mindmap.   

Simply put, Office Live is a set of web-based services for small businesses to manage their business online.  It consists of a public facing web site for their customers and private web site that employees can use to collaborate and manage the business.  The private site comes with business applications for managing contacts, e-mail, calendars, projects, documents, sales and more.

These sites can be customized by developers, and this map contains links to developer resources for customizing both Public and Private Office Live sites, and a map to the Office Live Developer Guide.

Click on the image to view it as a click-able image map, and if you want to view it better and be able to manipulate it, get MindManager or download the free viewer.  Then download the Mindmap itself.

Also - I'd like to keep this current, so please tell me what I've left out in the comments below!