What is Office Live?

As part of our Software + Services vision outlined with the Live strategy, Office Live just launched today and is generating a lot of interest.  It is heating up and is one of the top projects I'm working on now. 

So what is Office Live anyway?  This interview with Ray Ozzie sums it up nicely - Office Live, for example, complements the Office PC applications with online services for small and medium-sized businesses.

While that is a very succinct explanation of Office Live, It is much more than that.  CRN says that Office Live is a Big Deal for Small Businesses, and David Pogue from New York Times calls it a sweet suite that every small-business owner should investigate.  (hint: if you don't want to sign up for NYT try bugmenot.com)

For small businesses it represents a way to get your business online quickly - both customer facing and internal collaboration.

For developers it represents a way to provide solutions and services to a thousands of small and medium businesses.

Here are a few additional links for developers:

MSDN Office Live Developer Portal

Office Live Developer Guide

MSDN Forum for Office Live

If you've already been playing with the beta, you might be wondering what's new with this release.  The Office Live Blog is another great place to go to find out more.