FabrikamShipping Demo Application Available for Download

In an October 2008 blog post I highlighted some videos from the PDC sessions, one being Identity Roadmap for Software + Services by Kim Cameron and Vittorio Bertocci. In this video, Vittorio demonstrates the FabrikamShipping application that was built using the Geneva Framework. We have gone on to use this demo in a number of other venues to show off the use of claims-based identity and it has always been really well received. Therefore, this application has now been upgraded to use the Geneva beta 2 Framework and made available for public download here. It provides an excellent example of how to build a claims-based application and is super simple to download and setup on your machine. Vittorio describes the details so I won’t repeat them here. So if you’re needing a way to show your management the really cool ways you can drive applications using claims-based identity, this will provide you with a super demo!!