SharePoint Sideshow: Setting up a SharePoint and Office 2010 Development Machine with a Setup Script

In this SharePoint Sideshow episode Paul Stubbs and Chris Johnson provide guidance on how to use their Easy Setup Script for building out a SharePoint and Office 2010 environment on a development machine. Be sure to note “development machine” in that this should not be applied to your “daily use” machine. Essentially, this is a set of PowerShell scripts that will download all the evaluation software needed and then install the software and configure the SharePoint 2010 environment before it finishes. The end result is that you have a SharePoint development environment on a Windows 7 64-bit OS.

The install is also configurable so if you have some of the required software already downloaded, you can configure the setup script to install your software rather than downloading the evaluation version. You can download the script from here,

Here Paul and Chris discuss the details.