The Office 2010 Developer Training Course on MSDN and Training Kit Gets Updated


I have just released an update to the MSDN Office 2010 Developer Training Course and downloadable training Kit. Updates include two new training Modules around developing your own custom Outlook Social Connector Provider and connecting up Office with Azure Services. There is also new content for the Open XML 2.0 SDK, using the JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) with Excel and Visio Services and how to migrate an Excel client solution to a new service-based Web solution. image

Developing an Outlook Social Connector Provider:

The Outlook Social Connector (OSC) is a set of new features in Outlook 2010 that help you keep track of friends and colleagues while enabling you to grow your professional network. As your read your email, you can view information in the People Pane such as the picture, name, and title of the sender along with a rich aggregated collection of status updates and activities related to the sender. This module has a hands-on lab that provides the basics on developing a custom Social Connector Provider that can bring social or line-of-business data directly into Outlook 2010.

Office and Azure Services Development:

The Windows Azure platform is a group of cloud technologies providing a specific set of services to application developers. There is Windows Azure, which provides an environment for running applications and storing data in the cloud, SQL Azure for providing relational data services in the cloud based on SQL Server, and the Windows Azure AppFabric that provides services for connecting applications running in the cloud or on premises. The hands-on lab for this module provides you with a foundation for developing Office solutions that integrate with Windows Azure.


Using the JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) with Visio and Excel Services:

Visio Services includes a JavaScript Object Model that allows developers to integrate JavaScript code with a Visio Web Access web part. The objective of this hands-on lab is to provide you with a foundation for using the Visio JSOM to expand the functionality of a Visio Web Access web part.

Likewise, the Excel JSOM provides a way to interact with the Excel Web Access web part. The hands-on lab provides the fundamentals for doing so.

Open XML SDK 2.0:

For the Open XML SDK 2.0 there are two new videos with demo scripts and source code. The demo scripts and source code are located in the Open XML Programming Lab’s source folder.

  • The first video is an introduction to the Open XML SDK 2.0. The demo shows how to pull data out of an Excel document and generate a Word employee appraisal document on the client.
  • The second video discusses using the Open XML SDK 2.0 for solution development and demonstrates using the SDK  for highly scalable document generation on SharePoint coupled with Word Automation Services.

Designing Excel Solutions for the Web:

Excel Services, part of SharePoint Server 2010, offers new capabilities to developers looking to create server-based Excel solutions either on-premises or in the cloud with Office 365. This hands-on lab will explore some of the common tasks that developers perform while designing and migrating Excel client-based solutions to Excel Services-based solutions.

In the two videos that accompany this module, Larry Waldman, Excel Program Manager, discusses how to think about designing Excel solutions for the Web and shows how to execute the migration of an Excel client solution to a web-based Excel Services solution. Larry discusses how to use the Excel Services JavaScript object model, the Excel Services REST API and the Excel Web Service to round-out the new web solution.