The first of many ARCasts on Web Service Security

Just got the email from Ron that he's just posted an ARCast on Web
service security
. I'm listening to the ARCast now ... this was created
from a webcast Ron, Jason, and Fred did in September titled Web
Services Security Patterns (Level 300)
. I was supposed to be on this one,
but something came up at the last minute ... so they make fun of me of

About 3 weeks or so ago, I got doppler and Window
Media Player
set up with my iRiver H10 so now
I'm automatically pulling down Ron's ARCast
and DotNetRocks! so I can tune in on
my way to work ... and when I'm on those cool Eliptical machines in the gym. Are
there are cool podcasts that .NET developers are listening to ... what about Web
service or distributed application podcasts. If they're out there, please let me