Versioning at Tech-Ed 2005

I'm going to be doing a session at Tech-Ed in June titled, Versioning
services and contracts on the .NET Framework
. This is what the abstract
looks like:

As Web services continue to become the backbone of our connected systems,
developers must plan for the profound ways the messages and their contracts will
evolve. Failure to plan for this unavoidable evolution will result in increased
maintenance and support costs over the life of the system. Unfortunately, there
are a few issues with the .NET Framework 1.x that prevent the implementation of
a robust versioning strategy for Web services. After briefly going over these
issues, this session will cover the changes in the .NET Framework 2.0 that
address these issues. We'll also briefly discuss the goals and rationale behind
a solid versioning strategy for other types of services on the .NET Framework,
and approaches developers can implement now in 1.x and in 2.0 to make their
versioning transition to Indigo smoother.

Basically, I plan to talk about our versioning guidance for 1.x and 2.0 of
the Framework and how that guidance will help your versioning strategy can
migrate nicely to Indigo. I'm also going to try to briefly fit in how to version
Enterprise Services, System.Messaging, WSE/Policy, and Remoting. If you have a
specific issue or topic you'd like to see addressed, please drop a comment.

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