WCF Guidance Packages now available for consumption

If you've been following the Service Factory project, you'll know that we had to put the WCF guidance on hold for a little while as we were getting the ASMX Service Factory released. Well ever since it was released, we've been working on getting caught up on the WCF guidance. This actually took longer than expected because in addition to making the WCF Feb CTP -> July CTP changes we felt the need to fix a bunch of the bugs we identified in the similar ASMX GPs so now there is some fidelity between the two.

Is this release of the Service Factory going to go down like the last one? You know, that is a great question. If you mean, "Are you going to release regularly to the community? " and "Are you going to solicit as much feedback from us as possible? " the answer is absolutely yes! As a matter of fact, we're even trying to improve.

  • Drops will be more regular and predictable - monthly to be exact and at the end of the month to be specific
  • We're separating the documentation drops from the code drops. They will also be released monthly [in CHM format] ... they will just be 2 weeks after the code drops
  • I've changed the way we're making the known issues available. Rather than putting some of them in the readme file, now you can find all of them in an Excel spreadsheet. Just Ctrl-F the issue you're looking for.

As always, I'm interested to know what you think about these changes. What would make is easier to follow this project?

Side note: I think it's still a little strange for some people to realize the impact they can have on a team, like patterns & practices, where "customer connected engineering" is the basis for everything they do, how they do it, and what they deliver. There aren't too many teams [even in Microsoft] that are applying this amount of feedback from their customers.

Anyway, check it out and let us know what you think. We're listening.