Web Service Security Patterns: October CTP Released

I'm a couple days late with this entry, but I'd be remiss for not mentioning
it at all. This release is a substantial improvement over the past
releases. We added even more patterns and updated the implementation patterns to
take advantage of WSE 3.0. The WSE 2.0 implementation patterns have been removed
from this release. If you want to review the WSE 2.0 implementation patterns in
the meantime, check out the August CTP.

The following patterns have been added since the August CTP release. These
patterns have all been through the workshop process, but haven't all been
through an initial editorial pass ... that's why it's a CTP ;)

  • Security Token Service
  • Message Replay Detection
  • Perimeter Service Router
  • Message Validation
  • Exception Shielding
  • Trusted Subsystem
  • Protocol Adapter
  • Delegation

If you're building secure Web services with WSE, you can't afford not to
check out this content. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about