15 Web Performance Tips: Getting things Right on the Client

Peter Kellner and I will be presenting the 15 Web Performance Tips for Bay .Net user group on Wednesday.

If you are interested in learning how to improve your web application performance, come and join us.

When: Wednesday, 3/16/2011 at 6:30 PM

Where: Microsoft San Francisco Office, 835 Market Street, Suite 700

All web developers need to know how to write web apps that give users great experience. In this presentation, Peter Kellner will talk first about the top 15 programming tips that you can use in your web site to make sure it's as fast as it can be. Following Peter’s general discussion of client side optimization techniques, Doris Chen will talk about JavaScript best practices in web client development.

Many client side improvements can be implemented in under 10 minute. You will come away knowing a handful of tools you can use to analyze your web site as well as know what to do to make your web site perform faster. This presentation will focus on client site performance tips, that is things like cache headers, JavaScript optimizations, CDN's and Sprite's. JavaScript techniques such as clean separation of concerns, De-referencing objects, and thinking asynchronous when working with objects will be discussed. Server technologies and optimizations will be discussed, but the focus will be on what it takes to make your browser deliver your web application faster.

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Presentation on JavaScript Performance and Best Practices are posted here.